Yellow is a straightforward game. It not only burns the brain but also is very fun. You can feel here that its colour is relatively single, that is, yellow, not fancy. It would be best if you used your brain to think about how to turn the whole screen yellow. It has set up many checkpoints, which require you to explore continuously.

Yellow’s Game Operations

When you first entered Yellow, its startup page took a little long and consisted of various dynamic pages, so you must be patient and wait for the game. Then the primary operation of the game is to fill the entire screen with Yellow. You can find that most of the screens will be yellow, while the rest will be black. Your main task is to fill the black into yellow in various ways, making the whole page yellow, and then you will be successful.

Yellow’s Game Features

In Yellow, you will challenge 50 levels, and each level is different in the content; they are not complicated but brain-burning. Therefore, you need to use your brain to think and complete the game. In Yellow, the game page is very concise. You don’t need to recognize English letters. You play the game and fill in the colours.

In Yellow, you will use your fantastic ideas to turn the whole screen yellow.  However, as you progress, the difficulties you face will increase. Are you confident that you can successfully conquer every level?  Perhaps you want to challenge the multiplayer online hide-and-seek game?  Prop hunt can let you experience the last prop search and extremely test your observation and quick reaction. Can you observe every scene carefully and then find the most critical prop?

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